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FRED Video Series from NYU Stern

Tutorial #1: Real GDP Demo

This video covers topics including viewing popular data, plotting an indicator, improving the chart’s appearance, saving the chart, and saving chart formatting settings.


Tutorial #2: Credit Spread

Learn how to plot two indicators, plot formulas involving multiple indicators, and apply saved format settings.


Tutorial #3: Taylor Rule

Learn how to chart a complex formula using the Taylor Rule as an example.


Tutorial #4: Scatter Plot

Learn how to create a chart with multiple lines and formulas and then convert it into a scatter plot.


Tutorial #5: Investment and the Term Structure

Learn how to create a chart combining two indicators using a different formula and both right and left axes.


Tutorial #6: Finding and Saving Data in FRED

Learn four different methods for finding data and how to save that data to your personal data lists.


Tutorial #7: Downloading Data

Learn how to download data series to your computer and how to save that data to a customized data list.


Tutorial #8: Data Transformations

Learn how to perform data transformations in FRED, including how to converting data from levels to natural logs, and how to re-scale two data series so they both are equal to 100 on a common date.


Tutorial #9: GeoFRED

Learn how to use the FRED’s data mapping feature, which allows you to create geographic representations of the data series in its database.


Tutorial #10: FRED Excel Add-In

Learn how to use FRED’s Excel Add-In feature, which allows users to download data directly to Excel without going to the FRED website.


Tutorial #11: FRED Mobile App

Learn how to use FRED’s Mobile App, which allows users to access data on the go.


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