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New on FRED: user dashboards!

With the overhaul of user accounts, we are proud to introduce a new feature: dashboards. As a registered user, you can now build a personal dashboard that allows you to track your favorite series and graphs. You can publicize your dashboard, so your colleagues, students or blog readers can follow the economic statistics you care about. You can create several dashboards and choose to keep them private or make them public.

To find your dashboards, log into your account and click on the menu button. Once you have created your first dashboard, you can add six types of widgets:

  1. a FRED graph, for a single series that you can search from the dashboard or a graph you previously saved to your account;
  2. a data table, which displays the last numbers of the chosen series;
  3. a single value, if you only want the current number;
  4. a data list, with the last values of several series;
  5. notes you can add for your readers;
  6. and a spacer, if you need to balance the two dashboard columns.

You can move the widgets into position by click-and-dragging with your mouse. The actions button allows you to make your dashboard public, or return it to private mode, and you can also download the data of your dashboard to a spreadsheet.

Here are a few sample dashboards, which you can copy into your account to adapt for your needs:

St. Louis Region Employment Indicators

Per Capita Personal Income and House Prices in the 8th District States

U.S. Economic Indicators

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